23rd May 2024

THE BEST 2023 Aftermovie - Nordic IT Security

Take your place in THE BEST 2024 Cybersecurity conference and help us to create a unique opportunity for Partners, Delegates and Speakers to connect with the cybersecurity industry and share knowledge.

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The Chairman's address & 1 to 1 Meetings


LIVE hacking

David Jacoby

Ethical Hacker


Workshop: Cybersecurity issues and room to manoeuvre in implementing cyber security strategy in the coming years.

  • Ever Evolving Cybersecurity threats 
  • What has been implemented and the results
  • Strategies which are feasible and can show actual results by collaborating  in the coming years

13:00 - 17:00

Nordic IT Security HACKATHON 2024


Annual C level raffle!


Cybersecurity awareness for the boards!

We have a lot of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, however the biggest challenge for the CISOs is Cybersecurity awareness for the boards and this challenge is on the top of their agenda.
  • How to sell the idea of cybersecurity awareness to the boards?
  • How do you speak their language? 
  • What has been the outcome of an unsuccessful sale to the management and what can be done to achieve their understanding?


Cyber Risk Quantification. Knowing the unknown territory.

Measuring cyber risk is the primary framework for any organisation that wants to have control over it, and specially the fintech organisations. Every organisation can fall victim to various cyber attacks like DDoS, ransomware, phishing etc. It is vital for a security risk manager to quantify the risk of the organisation. Hence, we will find out different perspectives of experts from different industries.
  • Cyber risk quantification model
  • How to measure cybersecurity risk in anything?
  • What could be the best CRQ model?


Ransomware threat may NEVER go.

  • Read our article about Ransomware Threat May NEVER Go
Ransomware might have receded from the headlines, however it is still causing headaches to many organisations. Out of many organisations, only a few could recover data without paying a ransom. Even worse, many organisations who paid ransom still could not recover their data. How to prevent this cyber disaster?
  • Importance of ransomware threat analysis. 
  • Powerful AI detection tools that can help prevent ransomware 
  • Will best practice sharing reduce ransomware incidents? What will encourage organisations to share their stories and experience for the greater good?


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Going under the radar with MFA.

When nothing can actually stop cyber attacks, we have to go with a solution that fits us the best in order to avoid spotlight from the hackers. MFA could be complicated for the users hence there is a lot of resistance. MFA is not un-hackable however it certainly makes it much harder for the attackers to gain access, and as a result they go for easier targets.
  • Education for overcoming user resistance 
  • Security gaps 
  • Integration issues


AI, a blessing in disguise or real curse?

  • Read our article about AI, a blessing in disguise or real curse?
Introducing AI in the world of cybersecurity made it even more fast-burgeoning and people are struggling to cope. There is a rise of adversarial AI tools which comes with both challenges and opportunities. On the other hand generative AI threats.
  • What does the future look like with Generative AI? 
  • Rise of adversarial AI and ML. How to withstand adversarial AI & ML? 
  • How do we shape the future with AI?


Implementation of Zero Trust mindset!

  • Read our article about Zero Trust Mindset
There have been a lot of discussions and lectures about pros and cons of zero trust solutions, however the main challenge is the mindset of the users. It is far more important to educate people about adoption of the zero trust mindset than just simply implementing zero trust solutions. Success is highly dependent on the translation to business value
  • The future of Zero trust with advanced technology, AI
  • What does always verify and never trust mean? 
  • Zero trust concept in cybersecurity space.


Lunch Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Phishing in your own pond!

  • Read our article about Phishing In Your Own Pond!
There have been a lot of discussions and lectures about pros and cons of zero trust solutions, however the main challenge is the mindset of the users. It is far more important to educate people about adoption of the zero trust mindset than just simply implementing zero trust solutions. Success is highly dependent on the translation to business value
  • Rise of phishing attacks with advanced technologies. 
  • How to run advanced awareness programmes for the users? 
  • How to stay ahead of the threats?


Talk of the town, NIS2. Either you are compliant or you pay the bill.

We all know thatNIS2 is coming soon. However it is absolutely indispensable to discuss the NIS2 directives and understand different viewpoints of the industry experts.
  • Will you be ready? How to comply? 
  • What do you think about the stricter security requirements, reporting obligations and enforcement requirements?  
  • Let’s talk about NIS2 challenges and implementation.


While technology is taking us to cloud number 9, so is the danger associated with it.

Majority of the organisations from different industries have adopted cloud computing to make their life easier and to rejoice this blessing of technology. This adoption is not fearfree, in fact it brings a lot of headaches as organisations cannot ensure protecting their cloud environments from top security threats. It comes with a lot of challenges like lack of visibility and control over their cloud based infrastructure, unauthorised access, external data sharing etc.
  • Cloud security threats 2024 and beyond
  • Regulatory compliance, is it helping the cloud or not? 
  • How to protect the cloud?


The pressure is real. Reskilling and/or upskilling is paramount to reduce the skills gap.

The cybersecurity industry is lacking over 300,000 experts in Europe, it will take more than 3 years to recruit people and train them adequately. It is becoming more and more challenging for organisations, regardless of industry or sector, to safeguard their assets from threats due to under-staffed security teams and those lacking senior-level cybersecurity professionals.
  • What is your strategy to overcome the skills shortage? 
  • How do you propose to balance your existing work and to train new people to make them experts? 
  • What will be the consequences of the cybersecurity workforce shortage in your organisation?
Dan Cimpean
Director, Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


"In knowing nothing, life is most delightful" well in this case life is insider threatful.

Being oblivious can cause irreversible damages to an organisation. Everyone within an organisation needs to understand the gravity of this issue and act accordingly. We all know that the majority of the incidents that take place are due to human error, hence education is the key to success.
  • Defining insider threats
  • Know your territory in order to be prepared
  • Mitigation tactics
Sunette Runhaar
Head of Global Insider Threat Program, Uber


Mobile threat landscape 2024.

We are in the modern age of digitised society, hence dependency on mobile has reached an unrivalled level. Mobile threat is not going anywhere, therefore we are in a dire need to understand the mobile threat landscape of the near future.
  • Mobile phishing is on the rise, what are the ample required steps? 
  • Mobile malware- A smart way of gaining access to employees’ devices. 
  • Raising user awareness.


Technology itself is insufficient, humans are the real asset.

Although we have great cybersecurity solutions in place in order to fight cybercrime and to defend our organisation from cyber attacks, it is not sufficient if human firewalls are not in place. To be able to ensure your security, it is absolutely necessary to include a human firewall in your security strategy.
  • Importance of human firewall 
  • What is the last resort when it comes to cybersecurity? 
  • Using human firewalls in your cybersecurity. 
  • How layers of security start and end with people?


Deepfake for identity fraud and misinformation - AI creates fake videos and audios

Are you aware of the rising threat of misinformation and identity fraud? Deepfake utilises cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to create incredibly realistic forged content. By seamlessly swapping one person for another in existing source material or generating entirely original content.You need to know how to identify fraudulent ID documents and protect your clients' accounts from unauthorised access.

By identifying manipulated multimedia content, you'll help prevent reputational damage caused by spreading false information or becoming an unwitting party in identity theft.

Don't let cybercriminals outsmart us. Join this session to learn more about how to enhance your ability to recognize misinformation campaigns, identify fake identities, and protect valuable personal information. Take action now – together we can secure a safer future!


Shadow IT - By 2027, 75% of employees will acquire or create technology outside IT’s visibility.

Shadow IT can include: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud services, Endpoints like computers and phones, APIs, Servers and networks, Unsanctioned OOTB products, Chrome plugins, Platform-level apps. Did you know that by 2027, a staggering 75% of employees will acquire or create technology outside the visibility of their organisations IT departments? This means an increasing number of potential vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Attending our comprehensive Shadow IT panel, you'll gain valuable insights into new trends and opinions related to combating shadow IT.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from experts. Together we can ensure organisations are equipped with effective strategies to safeguard against unauthorised technology usage.


Misconfigurations, inadequate access controls, and vulnerabilities in cloud infrastructure

Are you tired of dealing with misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure? Introducing the Innovator Keynote session! Gain unparalleled insights from industry leaders who have revolutionised cloud security. Discover cutting-edge strategies and innovative solutions that will empower you to tackle challenges head-on.

Join the Innovator Keynote session and take control of your cloud security journey. Together, we can build a safer digital landscape.


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Resilience as a fundamental business driver

Do you think of the disruptive impact cybersecurity incidents can have on business continuity? Don't let your organisation be caught off guard.

Our Innovator Keynote session is here to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to build cyber resilience in your organisation. We understand that successful cyberattacks can disrupt operations and supply chains, leading to significant financial losses.

Having the ability to quickly recover from these incidents helps minimise disruption in your organisation. With our Innovator Keynote session you'll learn how to strengthen your defences and respond effectively when faced with threats.


Cybersecurity Leadership Shake-Up: What's Pushing CISOs to Change Jobs at an Alarming Rate?

Are you ready for a cyber-shakeup? The fast-paced world of cybersecurity is witnessing an unprecedented wave of leadership changes, leaving industry experts and professionals alike scratching their heads. With top-tier CISOs jumping ship at an alarming rate, it's time to dive into the heart of this enigma - what factors are pushing these cybersecurity leaders towards new horizons?

Why will, by 2025, nearly half of cybersecurity leaders change jobs? Join us on this thrilling exploration as we unravel the mysteries behind the great Cybersecurity Leadership Shake-Up and uncover why loyalty seems to be fading faster than ever before in this high-stakes game of digital defence.


Mobile Device Exploitation

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, making them attractive targets for cyber criminals. In the next year, we can expect an increase in mobile-specific threats, including mobile malware, banking trojans, and phishing attacks targeting mobile users. As mobile devices store a wealth of personal and financial information, their compromise can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, and unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Our session will teach you how to detect vulnerabilities, identify potential threats, and proactively safeguard your valuable information.

Join us for a session where industry-leading experts will share invaluable insights into emerging risks and cutting-edge defence strategies.


Lunch Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Supply chain attacks - Insertion of malicious code or malware into legitimate software packages

Introducing our exclusive session on Supply Chain Attacks, designed specifically for professionals like you. Dive into the intricate world of software supply chain vulnerabilities and learn how to safeguard your organisation against these malicious threats.

Discover solutions to identify potential vulnerabilities within your supply chain and fortify your defences against attacks that can compromise critical systems and sensitive data.

Join us for this transformative session and arm yourself with expertise that will make a significant difference in safeguarding your digital assets.


IoT standardisation

Are you concerned about the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices? The only right way to overcome interoperability, security, and scalability issues in the rapidly growing world of the Internet of Things is - standardisation.

By developing and implementing common guidelines, protocols, and frameworks for IoT devices, networks, and applications, we can pave the way for seamless integration and enhanced security in this dynamic industry. We need to say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a secure and scalable IoT ecosystem that inspires confidence among users!

Take charge by embracing standardisation. Together we can unlock endless possibilities while safeguarding against vulnerabilities.


Ransomware evolves into triple extortion

Are you prepared for the next wave of ransomware attacks? Introducing a groundbreaking session that will delve into the sinister evolution of triple extortion. Picture this scenario: Threat actors infiltrate a victim's system, infecting it with ransomware. But that's just the beginning - they don't stop there. These cybercriminals take things to a whole new level by exfiltrating sensitive data before encrypting it and locking victims out of their own systems. And finally, attackers threaten the victim's associates, who can be impacted by data exposure, with a data leak to extract money.

Now imagine being equipped with the knowledge and strategies needed to combat this dangerous evolution of ransomware.. You'll learn how to protect your organisation from falling victim to such malevolent acts and safeguard your valuable data.


Application security segment to grow

Introducing our exclusive Conference Panel on Application Security, where industry leaders and top-notch experts will shed light on the dynamically growing segment. Discover the latest strategies, technologies, and trends that will empower you to safeguard applications and software from relentless security threats.

This is your chance to hear from and discuss with like-minded professionals, gain invaluable insights, and discover cutting-edge strategies.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of this transformative panel, where innovative ideas collide and expertise thrives.


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Defend against MFA bombing, EDR evading and SEO poisoning

Are you tired of constantly playing cat and mouse with cyber criminals? Stay ahead of their cunning tactics by attending this session.

Learn how to protect your users and eliminate weak links in your MFA system and maintain complete control over account authentication. EDR tools often fail to detect polymorphic malware. This session will give you insight on protection across all key assets within your EDR protected ecosystem. Worried about falling victim to SEO poisoning? Detect fraudulent websites mimicking yours before they cause damage or tarnish your brand reputation.

Arm yourself with the knowledge and safeguard your organisation against unscrupulous individuals who are constantly on the prowl for vulnerabilities.


Growth of endpoint security segment due to increased BYOD trend

You should be concerned about the escalating risks associated with the growing Bring Your Own Device trend.

This has opened the way for unprecedented cyber threats.There is advanced technology designed to identify and prevent potential cyber threats across all devices, ensuring maximum protection for your organisation's valuable data. By integrating such a solution into your existing security infrastructure, you can effectively mitigate risks associated with BYOD.


Top 10 ransomware gangs and their ways of operation

Introduce yourself with the top 10 Ransomware Gangs and gain insights into the world's most notorious ransomware groups, their tactics, and how they victimise organisation.

Discover the inner workings of these criminal enterprises, from their sophisticated techniques to identify vulnerable targets to their highly covert operations. Learn about real-life case studies and understand how their attacks have paralyzed businesses worldwide. Join us at this must-attend session where experts will share practical strategies for preventing ransomware attacks.

Product Presentation


The increasing sophistication of attacks

One of the key factors driving the evolution of cyber security threats is the increasing sophistication of attackers. Hackers are continually refining their techniques, leveraging advanced tools and technologies to exploit vulnerabilities in software, networks, and human behaviour. They exploit weaknesses in outdated software, misconfigured systems, and unsuspecting individuals to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information.


Weaknesses in outdated software and misconfigured systems

Don't let outdated software and misconfigured systems be your downfall! Weaknesses in these areas can lead to serious security breaches. Learn how to update your technology and ensure proper configurations to stay ahead of the game.

Find out how to implement regular software updates and system maintenance to prevent exploiting vulnerabilities. Prioritise technology updates and configurations based on vulnerabilities discovered and protect your business from potential threats.


Payment apps attacks

With the increasing popularity of payment apps, the risk of cyber attacks targeting these apps has also risen. Payment apps store credit card details and personal data, which makes them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

Thankfully, there is a solution provider that specialises in securing payment apps and protecting against fraudulent activities.


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


IoT, cloud AI, and Blockchain opened new attack vectors and vulnerabilities

IoT, cloud AI, and Blockchain are three of the most popular technologies that are revolutionising the way businesses operate today. These technologies have brought several benefits to enterprises, including increased efficiency, enhanced communication, and advanced security. However, with the advent of new technologies come new challenges, and these technologies have opened new attack vectors and vulnerabilities.

VENDOR is a company that specialises in securing cloud environments, IoT devices, and blockchain technology against emerging threats. The company provides comprehensive security solutions that help businesses protect their data and systems from malicious attacks. With VENDOR, businesses can feel secure knowing that they have a strong security partnership working to keep them safe. With the right security solutions in place, your businesses can stay protected and secure in a rapidly evolving digital world.


AI can enhance threat detection and response capabilities

AI has been transforming the way we approach cybersecurity. Traditional rule-based systems can miss unknown threats, giving attackers the upper hand. On the other hand, AI-driven solutions can detect and respond to threats in real-time, enhancing overall security posture. However, AI can also be exploited by attackers, leading to new threats and challenges.


Smart contract vulnerabilities, flaws in wallet software and social engineering attacks targeting cryptocurrency users

Smart contracts have revolutionised the way contracts are formulated and executed. They are self-executing contracts that eliminate the need for intermediaries in transactions and guarantee transparency and efficiency. However, they are not immune to security threats. Vulnerabilities arise due to coding errors, design flaws, or unexpected interactions with other smart contracts.

Flaws in wallet software and social engineering attacks targeting cryptocurrency users are also major concerns for the cryptocurrency community. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets, and some of the major flaws in wallet software include: Phishing attacks, MitM attacks, and Malware attacks.

To protect against those threats there is a solution to the cryptocurrency community. The most notable one is VENDOR

By being aware of threats and taking proactive steps to mitigate them, you can ensure the safety of your crypto investments.


Lunch Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


5G networks expand the attack surface (How 5G Networks Expand the Attack Surface)

As the world enters a new era of connectivity with 5G networks, it's important to acknowledge how the increased speed and accessibility of these networks also expands the attack surface for potential cyber threats. But, here is solution to securing and monitoring traffic in 5G networks to prevent unauthorised access and data breaches - VENDOR


IoT attacks targeting smart homes, connected cars, and industrial IoT systems

The interconnectedness has opened up new avenues for cyber attacks. Smart homes, connected cars, and industrial IoT systems are particularly vulnerable to such attacks as they are often connected to the internet without proper security measures in place. Cyber attacks on IoT devices can have devastating consequences. In a smart home, an attacker could gain control of the devices and potentially steal personal information or cause physical harm. In a connected car, an attack could compromise the vehicle's safety features, putting the driver and passengers at risk. In an industrial Control System, an attack could shut down critical infrastructure, causing widespread disruption and financial loss.

Given the potential impact of attacks, it is crucial to invest in comprehensive security solutions that can protect your devices and mitigate risks. By working with VENDOR you can gain the peace of mind knowing that your IoT devices are secure.


Regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR will continue to influence the cybersecurity landscape in 2024 (How Will Regulatory Frameworks Continue to Influence Cybersecurity in 2024)

The GDPR has been a crucial driver of privacy regulation globally and will continue to influence the cybersecurity landscape in 2024. One of the key implications of GDPR is that organisations must take an active approach to protecting personal data. As a result, many companies are implementing privacy management software to ensure compliance.


Employ AI-powered security solutions to detect and respond to threats in real-time

Cybersecurity has become a significant concern for organisations of all domains, types, and sizes. In such a scenario, the use of Artificial Intelligence for real-time threat detection and response has become a necessity.

Here is AI-powered security solution that can help organisations detect and respond to threats in real-time: SOLUTION


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


AI to play a pivotal role in threat intelligence, anomaly detection, and incident response (AI Takes the Lead in Cybersecurity: Revolutionising Threat Intelligence, Anomaly Detection, and Incident Response)

The world of cybersecurity has seen a dramatic shift in recent times with the introduction of AI and ML. The traditional methods of combating cyber threats are no longer sufficient. Cybercriminals are evolving fast, and their attacks are becoming more sophisticated, which places more pressure on organisations to adopt advanced means to detect and respond to incidents.


Automation of vulnerability identification

Critical aspect of cybersecurity is vulnerability identification and prioritisation. Many organisations are turning to automated vulnerability management solutions that leverage Ai and ML and big data analytics to identify security flaws and assess their severity and impact. These are the benefits: Continuous scanning, Real-time alerts, Unified dashboard, Customizable policies and more.


TPRM - Infiltrating trusted vendors

We all rely on third-party vendors for our business operations. While these vendors provide essential services, they can also pose significant security risks to the organisation if their cybersecurity posture is not adequate. This is where Third-party Risk Management (TPRM) comes into play. This is the process of identifying and evaluating the risks associated with an organisation's vendors and implementing measures to mitigate those risks.

There is a solution that can help you manage your third-party risk effectively.


Lack of control and visibility in the cloud (Why Control and Visibility are So Important in the Cloud)

One of the most pressing challenges in the cloud is the lack of control and visibility of your own systems and data. You need to have complete control over your cloud tenants to ensure data is secure and operations are running smoothly. Without control and visibility, your company is at risk of having your data compromised, leaked or encrypted.

Fortunately, there is a security solution that helps to address these issues.

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