We are heading towards the unknown with AI,
sophisticated ransomware and many other challenges.
How prepared are we?
23rd May 2024

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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring together the brightest minds in the field to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and explore the latest cybersecurity trends and solutions.

This conference serves as the perfect platform for you to stay at the forefront of this ever burgeoning field and equip yourself with the necessary tools and insights to tackle emerging cyber threats.

Our carefully curated lineup of Subject Matter Experts, including experienced CISOs and IT leaders, will take the stage to deliver captivating presentations and discuss in panels that will provide you with first-hand experiences, proven strategies, and practical advice. With their invaluable knowledge and expertise, you will gain a deeper understanding of the latest challenges and learn innovative approaches to overcome them. Our conference offers an exceptional platform to stay up-to-date with the latest trends such as: Cyber Risk Quantification, Cyber awareness for the boards, AI & Machine learning, NIS2, Ransomware, Human Resources, and much more.

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The Chairman’s address & 1 to 1 Meetings


Epitome Keynote – Safety and Security of Artificial Intelligence

It seems that we are about to introduce a superior intelligence into our own biosphere. This sounds like a basic evolutionary mistake.

  • As we’re building more intelligent systems, how do we make sure they are secure?
  • What are the implications to cyber defenders – and to attackers? 
  • How do we make AI safe, secure, and aligned to our goals?
Mikko Hypponen Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker

Mikko Hyppönen

IT Security Guru


The increasing sophistication of attacks

  • An overview of the global cyber-threat in the world 
  • The main cybercrimes techniques that we are observing (ransomware, infostealers, phishing, vulnerabilities exploitation)
  • A glimpse onto hacktivism and destabilisation activities (DDOS attacks for example)
  • The organised approach of APT Groups into the cyber warfare 
  • A focus on the Olympics Game of Paris and a focus on the upcoming elections in the world

Julien de Pins

International Sales Engineer, Sekoia


Weaknesses in outdated software and misconfigured systems

Don’t let outdated software and misconfigured systems be your downfall! Weaknesses in these areas can lead to serious security breaches. Learn how to update your technology and ensure proper configurations to stay ahead of the game.

Find out how to implement regular software updates and system maintenance to prevent exploiting vulnerabilities. Prioritise technology updates and configurations based on vulnerabilities discovered and protect your business from potential threats.

Dado Dizdar

Regional Enterprise Account Manager, KnowBe4


Vulnerability Management in the World of AI

HackerOne’s expert in offensive testing, Chris Campbell, Senior Solutions Engineer, will share insights on the most effective ways to probe AI systems for vulnerabilities, testing them for safety and security to ensure resiliency against worst-case scenarios.

  • Pinpoint the most critical flaws in your asset inventory 
  • prioritise what to fix first, and 

Reduce your threat exposure.

Chris Campbell

Senior Sales Engineer, HackerOne


Coffee break + 1-1 Meetings


Calculated Risks: Where Probability and Luck Collide in Cybersecurity

In today’s world, where data leaks are common and laws keep changing, businesses face big risks. This session tackles the challenges of ensuring data is not just private, but also accurate and secure, amidst new rules like NIS2. Is following these rules enough? We’ll discuss the need for stronger protection plans. It’s a key moment for rethinking data security. Join us to explore if we’re ready for the future or taking a gamble. The next step in data safety goes beyond rules; it’s about evolving our approach to security.

Edwin Weijdema

Field CTO EMEA, Veeam Software


Unlocking the Collective Ingenuity of Hackers to Outpace Emerging AI Threats

Join Bugcrowd’s customer Benjamin Heymann, Programme Manager for Bug Bounty Programme at Axis Communications, as he explores unlocking the collective ingenuity of hackers to stay one step ahead of emerging AI threats.The case study will delve into the power of AI in crowdsourced security, collaboration with ethical hackers, and the importance of a shift left mindset for product security.

Benjamin Heymann

Programme Manager for Bug Bounty Programme, Axis Communications| Bugcrowd


Supercharge Detection and Response Across Your Enterprise

In this session we will take a look at cyber activity during the past 12 months, understanding the motives behind the threat actors we need to protect our businesses against and what techniques and processes criminal groups are adopting to target Cloud environments to the use of Dark Artificial Intelligence. Tooling, automation and services are key to getting ahead of attackers and stop breaches so we will also look into how security teams need to adapt and by taking a view into the potential new threats for 2024 and beyond, to understand where new priorities need to focus on.

Mikkel Planck

Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, CrowdStrike


Lunch + 1-1 Meetings


Digital Trust: Preparing for tomorrow’s threats, today

How do you manage trust?

Digital trust is what enables individuals and businesses to engage online with confidence that their footprint in a digital world is secure.

With digital transformation expanding the use cases for PKI trust has now become the backbone for security in the connected world: for securing users, software, servers, devices, digital content, documents, digital rights, identity and more.

Digital trust is about more than a product or service. It is established upon four key building blocks:

  • Industry and technology standards that define what constitutes trust
  • Compliance and operations that govern delivery of trust
  • Unified trust management platforms for certificate lifecycle management of public and private trust
  • Extension of trust through ecosystems such as connected devices, software supply chains and digital content provenance.

As the digital world continues to grow and change, innovating solutions in the cybersecurity space becomes more important for providers of digital trust and the people who count on them to stay securely connected. Powerful technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to propel the connected world forward—but in the wrong hands, their dangers are undeniable.

That’s why innovation areas like machine learning and AI, quantum encryption, cryptography, and IoT security are key areas of focus.

How can you prepare for the PQC era?

Solution: PKI Reimagined DigiCert ONE is a modern, holistic approach to PKI management. Based on an advanced, container-based design, DigiCert ONE allows you to rapidly deploy in any environment, roll out new services in a fraction of the time, and manage users and devices across your organisation at any scale. Built by experts, designed for users. Because it’s not just what PKI can do. It’s what you do with it.

Peter Wilbrink

Regional Vice-President, Nordics & Benelux, Digicert


Reinvent your data strategy for the Next-Gen SOC

Current data strategies around SOC tooling are often rigid, leading to increased spend within your security organisation. Does this sound familiar? Come and learn more about these legacy approaches and how Cribl can help you reinvent this within your existing and future tooling, in a way that will recoup some of your budget. We’ll talk about how you can change the way you manage your data so that you have greater flexibility on how you use the data you collect and manage, while realising significant cost savings.

  • Optimising how your organisation manages data 
  • Supporting better Tool Flexibility 
  • Data Strategy improvements to make your tools fly without being weighed down by your budget 

Darren Dance

Solutions Engineer, Cribl


Manage and go beyond compliances requirements, PCI DSS as an example

Compliances requirements are being updated, so as to the emerging attack vectors. Being able to pass compliance assessments effectively, while prepared for the unknown is key to maximise return on investment. Using upcoming PCI DSS v4.0 update as a reference: 

  • How to get ready for a compliance update? 
  • How to stay in control and go beyond the requirements?

Zhiyuan Zheng

Product Manager of Application Security, Cloudflare


Automate detection and response with a smart, secure workflow builder

In this technical demo, discover how to build workflows to automate investigation, remediation, escalation and communication around your most critical alerts. See how Tines, the no-code automation platform, can break down barriers across systems with fewer duplicate efforts, unnecessary alerts, and information silos.

Hazel Fitzgerald

Senior Security Automation Engineer, Tines

Martin Clarke

Account Executive, Tines


Coffee break + 1-1 Meetings


Moving from Vulnerability Management to Continuous Exposure Management

Matthew Quinn

Northern Europe Technical Director, XM Cyber


Automation of vulnerability identification

Critical aspect of cybersecurity is vulnerability identification and prioritisation. Many organisations are turning to automated vulnerability management solutions that leverage Ai and ML and big data analytics to identify security flaws and assess their severity and impact. These are the benefits: Continuous scanning, Real-time alerts, Unified dashboard, Customizable policies and more. 


Closing keynote: Why are we insecure? – An ethical hacker’s lonely road to cyber dystopia

In this revealing presentation, an ethical hacker with 25+ years of experience explores why, despite advancements in security technology and legislation, cyber threats continue to escalate by analyzing the  evolution of the hacking landscape. 

The session highlights the overlooked fundamentals of cyber attacks, the creation of vulnerabilities through digital transformation, and the misuse of technology. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the human aspects of cybersecurity, learn to recognize common vulnerabilities, and see a live demonstration of a hack, which includes bypassing multi-factor authentication and weaponizing legitimate software for social engineering.

David Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker

David Jacoby

Ethical Hacker


Keynote – Cybersecurity awareness for the boards!

We have a lot of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, however the biggest challenge for the CISOs is Cybersecurity awareness for the boards and this challenge is on the top of their agenda.
  • How to sell the idea of cybersecurity awareness to the boards?
  • How do you speak their language? 
  • What has been the outcome of an unsuccessful sale to the management and what can be done to achieve their understanding?
Arnaud Headshot Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker
Arnaud Wiehe
Managing Director Information Security, FedEx


Expert Panel – Cyber security awareness is the integral cog of the cybersecurity machine!

Effective communication is key to engaging CEOs, board members and the rest of the employees of an organisation in discussions about cybersecurity. To bridge the knowledge gap, CISOs and cybersecurity professionals must articulate cybersecurity concepts in language that is easily understandable by non-experts. Raising awareness about the potential consequences of cyber threats and showcasing the company’s proactive approach to security can further strengthen cybersecurity initiatives.

  • Cyber threat trends 2024 and in the coming years.  
  • How can we encourage board members to invest in cybersecurity programs in order to safeguard their organisation? 
  • How do you suggest creating awareness for cybersecurity awareness for your board?
  • Phishing is becoming an ever-increasing threat. And unfortunately, there is no such thing as 100% protection. How do you assess the situation today and in the future?
  • When reporting on security awareness success, what KPIs would you report on to the board?  
  • Gamification is repeatedly mentioned as a very important element in our education on security threats. Is that included in SoSafe and if yes, what is the actual value of it? 
Bas van Erk
Director Benelux & Nordics, SoSafe
Niklas Nilsson
Information Security Specialist – Cyber Risk Quantification – CISSP, CCSP
Daniela Lourenço
CISO, Fintech
Thomas Mørtsell
Chief Information Security Officer, Aneo
Sümeyra Arda ÇIRPILI
Cyber Security Project Manager & Business Analyst, Rabobank


Innovator Keynote – Mega trends – Data, Cloud, Application security

The digital transformation of IT is a reality for every organisation. It is also a reality for hackers and a fast growing number of regulations! In this session, we will share insights on the following mega trends

  • Data and cyber resilience 
  • Cloud and digital sovereignty 
  • DevSecOps and application security