We are heading towards the unknown with AI,
sophisticated ransomware and many other challenges.
How prepared are we?
23rd May 2024

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring together the brightest minds in the field to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and explore the latest cybersecurity trends and solutions.

This conference serves as the perfect platform for you to stay at the forefront of this ever burgeoning field and equip yourself with the necessary tools and insights to tackle emerging cyber threats.

Our carefully curated lineup of Subject Matter Experts, including experienced CISOs and IT leaders, will take the stage to deliver captivating presentations and discuss in panels that will provide you with first-hand experiences, proven strategies, and practical advice. With their invaluable knowledge and expertise, you will gain a deeper understanding of the latest challenges and learn innovative approaches to overcome them. Our conference offers an exceptional platform to stay up-to-date with the latest trends such as: Cyber Risk Quantification, Cyber awareness for the boards, AI & Machine learning, NIS2, Ransomware, Human Resources, and much more.

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Take your place in THE BEST 2024 Cybersecurity conference and help us to create a unique opportunity for Partners, Delegates and Speakers to connect with the cybersecurity industry and share knowledge.

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    Main Room


The Chairman's address & 1 to 1 Meetings


Epitome Keynote - Safety and Security of Artificial Intelligence

  • Read our article about Mikko Hypponen, IT Security Guru

It seems that we are about to introduce a superior intelligence into our own biosphere. This sounds like a basic evolutionary mistake.

  • As we’re building more intelligent systems, how do we make sure they are secure?
  • What are the implications to cyber defenders – and to attackers? 
  • How do we make AI safe, secure, and aligned to our goals?
Mikko Hypponen Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker

Mikko Hyppönen

IT Security Guru


Workshop: Cybersecurity issues and room to manoeuvre in implementing cyber security strategy in the coming years.

  • Ever Evolving Cybersecurity threats 
  • What has been implemented and the results
  • Strategies which are feasible and can show actual results by collaborating  in the coming years

13:00 - 17:00

Nordic IT Security HACKATHON 2024


David Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker

David Jacoby

Ethical Hacker


Annual C level raffle!


Keynote - Cybersecurity awareness for the boards!

  • Read our article about Cybersecurity Awareness For The Boards!
We have a lot of challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, however the biggest challenge for the CISOs is Cybersecurity awareness for the boards and this challenge is on the top of their agenda.
  • How to sell the idea of cybersecurity awareness to the boards?
  • How do you speak their language? 
  • What has been the outcome of an unsuccessful sale to the management and what can be done to achieve their understanding?
Arnaud Headshot Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker
Arnaud Wiehe
Managing Director Information Security, FedEx


Expert Panel - Cyber Risk Quantification. Knowing the unknown territory.

Measuring cyber risk is the primary framework for any organisation that wants to have control over it, and specially the fintech organisations. Every organisation can fall victim to various cyber attacks like DDoS, ransomware, phishing etc. It is vital for a security risk manager to quantify the risk of the organisation. Hence, we will find out different perspectives of experts from different industries.
  • Cyber risk quantification model
  • How to measure cybersecurity risk in anything?
  • What could be the best CRQ model?
Niklas Nilsson
Information Security Specialist - Cyber Risk Quantification - CISSP, CCSP
Daniela Lourenço
CISO, Tinka
Thomas Mørtsell
Chief Information Security Officer, Aneo
Sümeyra Arda ÇIRPILI
Cyber Security Project Manager & Business Analyst, Rabobank


Innovator Keynote - Ransomware threat may NEVER go.

  • Read our article about Ransomware Threat May NEVER Go
Ransomware might have receded from the headlines, however it is still causing headaches to many organisations. Out of many organisations, only a few could recover data without paying a ransom. Even worse, many organisations who paid ransom still could not recover their data. How to prevent this cyber disaster?
  • Importance of ransomware threat analysis. 
  • Powerful AI detection tools that can help prevent ransomware 
  • Will best practice sharing reduce ransomware incidents? What will encourage organisations to share their stories and experience for the greater good?


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Innovator Keynote - Going under the radar with MFA.

  • Read our article about Going under the radar with MFA.
When nothing can actually stop cyber attacks, we have to go with a solution that fits us the best in order to avoid spotlight from the hackers. MFA could be complicated for the users hence there is a lot of resistance. MFA is not un-hackable however it certainly makes it much harder for the attackers to gain access, and as a result they go for easier targets.
  • Education for overcoming user resistance 
  • Security gaps 
  • Integration issues


Expert Panel - AI, a blessing in disguise or real curse?

  • Read our article about AI, a blessing in disguise or real curse?
Introducing AI in the world of cybersecurity made it even more fast-burgeoning and people are struggling to cope. There is a rise of adversarial AI tools which comes with both challenges and opportunities. On the other hand generative AI threats.
  • What does the future look like with Generative AI? 
  • Rise of adversarial AI and ML. How to withstand adversarial AI & ML? 
  • How do we shape the future with AI?
Roger Ison-Haug
CISO & DPO StormGeo | MBA | Ph.D cand. Cybersecurity | CDPSE | CCSK | Stanford LEADer, StormGeo
Magnus Carling
CISO, Stena AB
Jonas Nilsson
Information Security Strategist, Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner
Sanjay Kumar
PhD, Cybersecurity | Threat Intelligence Manager, Landis+Gyr


Innovator Keynote - Implementation of Zero Trust mindset!

  • Read our article about Zero Trust Mindset
There have been a lot of discussions and lectures about pros and cons of zero trust solutions, however the main challenge is the mindset of the users. It is far more important to educate people about adoption of the zero trust mindset than just simply implementing zero trust solutions. Success is highly dependent on the translation to business value
  • The future of Zero trust with advanced technology, AI
  • What does always verify and never trust mean? 
  • Zero trust concept in cybersecurity space.


Lunch Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Innovator Keynote - Phishing in your own pond!

  • Read our article about Phishing In Your Own Pond!
There have been a lot of discussions and lectures about pros and cons of zero trust solutions, however the main challenge is the mindset of the users. It is far more important to educate people about adoption of the zero trust mindset than just simply implementing zero trust solutions. Success is highly dependent on the translation to business value
  • Rise of phishing attacks with advanced technologies. 
  • How to run advanced awareness programmes for the users? 
  • How to stay ahead of the threats?


Expert Panel - Talk of the town, NIS2. Either you are compliant or you pay the bill.

  • Read our article about Talk of the town, NIS2. Either you are compliant or you pay the bill.
We all know thatNIS2 is coming soon. However it is absolutely indispensable to discuss the NIS2 directives and understand different viewpoints of the industry experts.
  • Will you be ready? How to comply? 
  • What do you think about the stricter security requirements, reporting obligations and enforcement requirements?  
  • Let’s talk about NIS2 challenges and implementation.
Anders N. Thingholm
Head of Information Security, DANX
Anders Jared
CISO, Bravida


Innovator Keynote - While technology is taking us to cloud number 9, so is the danger associated with it.

  • Read our article about While Technology is Taking Us To Cloud Number 9, So is The Danger Associated With it
Majority of the organisations from different industries have adopted cloud computing to make their life easier and to rejoice this blessing of technology. This adoption is not fearfree, in fact it brings a lot of headaches as organisations cannot ensure protecting their cloud environments from top security threats. It comes with a lot of challenges like lack of visibility and control over their cloud based infrastructure, unauthorised access, external data sharing etc.
  • Cloud security threats 2024 and beyond
  • Regulatory compliance, is it helping the cloud or not? 
  • How to protect the cloud?


Expert Panel - The pressure is real. Reskilling and/or upskilling is paramount to reduce the skills gap.

  • Read our article about The Pressure Is Real. Reskilling And/Or Upskilling Is Paramount To Reduce The Skills Gap
The cybersecurity industry is lacking over 300,000 experts in Europe, it will take more than 3 years to recruit people and train them adequately. It is becoming more and more challenging for organisations, regardless of industry or sector, to safeguard their assets from threats due to under-staffed security teams and those lacking senior-level cybersecurity professionals.
  • What is your strategy to overcome the skills shortage? 
  • How do you propose to balance your existing work and to train new people to make them experts? 
  • What will be the consequences of the cybersecurity workforce shortage in your organisation?
Dan Cimpean
Director, Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate
Vivek Rao
Information Security Risk Specialist, Entercard Group
Martin Karlsson
CISO, Svensk e-identitet AB
Christina Skouloudi
Cybersecurity Officer, ENISA


Coffee Break & 1 to 1 Meetings


Keynote - "In knowing nothing, life is most delightful" well in this case life is insider threatful.

  • Read our article about "In Knowing Nothing, Life Is Most Delightful". Well In This Case Life Is Insider Threatful
Being oblivious can cause irreversible damages to an organisation. Everyone within an organisation needs to understand the gravity of this issue and act accordingly. We all know that the majority of the incidents that take place are due to human error, hence education is the key to success.
  • Defining insider threats
  • Know your territory in order to be prepared
  • Mitigation tactics
Sunette Runhar Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker
Sunette Runhaar
Head of Global Insider Threat Program, Uber


Innovator Keynote - Mobile threat landscape 2024.

  • Read our article about Mobile Threat Landscape 2024
We are in the modern age of digitised society, hence dependency on mobile has reached an unrivalled level. Mobile threat is not going anywhere, therefore we are in a dire need to understand the mobile threat landscape of the near future.
  • Mobile phishing is on the rise, what are the ample required steps? 
  • Mobile malware- A smart way of gaining access to employees’ devices. 
  • Raising user awareness.


Keynote - Technology itself is insufficient, humans are the real asset.

  • Read our article about Technology Itself is Insufficient, Humans Are The Real Asset
Although we have great cybersecurity solutions in place in order to fight cybercrime and to defend our organisation from cyber attacks, it is not sufficient if human firewalls are not in place. To be able to ensure your security, it is absolutely necessary to include a human firewall in your security strategy.
  • Importance of human firewall 
  • What is the last resort when it comes to cybersecurity? 
  • Using human firewalls in your cybersecurity. 
  • How layers of security start and end with people?
Patric J.M. Versteeg
NextGen CISO | (Certified) CISO | (Certified) DPO | Security Architect | Cybersecurity Thought Leader | Teacher & Mentor, Viterra


Keynote - Deepfake for identity fraud and misinformation - AI creates fake videos and audios

  • Read our article about Deepfake For Identity Fraud And Misinformation - AI Creates Fake Videos And Audios
Are you aware of the rising threat of misinformation and identity fraud? Deepfake utilises cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to create incredibly realistic forged content. By seamlessly swapping one person for another in existing source material or generating entirely original content.You need to know how to identify fraudulent ID documents and protect your clients' accounts from unauthorised access.

By identifying manipulated multimedia content, you'll help prevent reputational damage caused by spreading false information or becoming an unwitting party in identity theft.

Don't let cybercriminals outsmart us. Join this session to learn more about how to enhance your ability to recognize misinformation campaigns, identify fake identities, and protect valuable personal information. Take action now – together we can secure a safer future!
NIR Chervoni Nordics Cybersecurity conference speaker
Nir Chervoni
Head of Data Security, Booking.com