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Remote workforce and vulnerabilities

Fernando Ruiz Pérez
Head of Operations, European Cybercrime Centre – EUROPOL


Opening Panel:Ransomware: Just being proactive is not enough! What entrepreneurs should do during a cyber attack?

Rahav Shalom-Revivo
Fintech and Cyber Innovations Manager, Israel Ministry Of Finance
Jamie Whitcombe
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Allianz Insurance
Teemu Ylhäisi
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), OP Financial Group
Göran Kördel
CIO, Boliden

09:30 – 11:00

Innovators’ Power Hour + Networking Break + 1-1 Meetings

11:00 – 12:00

Innovation Round Table 1

12:00 – 13:00

Innovation Round Table 2


Cooperation between public and private sectors

Dana Toren
Head of the Cyber Incident Handling Center, CERT-IL | Israel National Cyber Directorate


How to stay cyber secure while working from home? – Panel 2

Anders Jared
Tom Engly
Director, Chief Security Officer, Tryg
Karl Castor
IT Security Manager, Swedavia
Christoffer Eile
CIO, Fora


In conversation with To Be Announced


Cyber security research – Panel 3

Pontus Johnson
Professor & Director of the Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan


Innovation Round Table 3


Networking break + 1-1 Meetings


The necessity of increased cooperation between the private and public sectors and not least the joint responsibility to participate in the preventive work – Panel 4

Philipp Amann
Head of Strategy, European Cybercrime Centre – EUROPOL
Jan Olsson
SUPERINTENDENT , Polismyndigheten/Swedish Cybercrime Centre
Patrick Cordner
Head of Swedish Cybercrime Center, Polismyndigheten
Ralph Benton
Jacob Henricson
CISO and CSO, Skanska


In conservation with TBA


Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

RT 1

Topic To Be Announced

Brian O'Toole
Head of Digital Services Security Centre, Ericsson

RT 2

Identify criteria for data protection activity

Anwar Sulaiman
Data Protection Officer, Saab

RT 3

How to stay cyber secure while working from home?

Marco Hogewoning
Senior External Relations Officer (Technical Advisor), RIPE NCC

RT 4

Topic To Be Announced

Rune Skarphagen
CISO, Zenuity (Part of Volvo group)

RT 5

Vendor Risk Management- When we choose our business partners in the form of consultants, maintenance vendors, engineers or even during mergers and acquisitions, we broaden our attack surface. Due diligence is an absolute MUST. While inviting tenders or receiving price quotes, it is paramount to weigh-in the security posture of our potential partners to stay secure.

Ivan Talwar
CISO, Høyskolen Kristiania
• A digitalization strategy execution often needs additional hands on project basis. External resources are often hired and once they get access to the in-house systems, they become a part of our attack surface.
• Contracts given to maintenance companies like in oil and gas, defense sector, aerospace etc. must not only be dependent on the price and delivery reputation but security posture too. More often these organizations are the part of the critical infrastructure of a state and it is not only important but critical to be vigilant in these matters. Example – Stuxnet incident.
• During Corona times, all these concerns amply to a higher notch because now these vendors are working from home. It is next to impossible to get an overview of the compliance rates in the information security aspect and secure practices.

RT 6

Challenges of regulatory compliance

Sebastian Svärdebrandt
CIO, Nord-Lock
• Changes in the legal requirements are affecting not only global companies – CMMC(USA), Brexit(UK and EU), Cybersecurity Law(China), Cybersecurity Act(EU) and many more
• Impact on IT-strategy
• Best practices in IT solutions in context of regulatory compliance

RT 7

Outsourcing and third-party cyber risk management

Jörgen Mellberg
CISO, Head of IT & DPO, Sparbanken Syd
• Cyber attacks
• Ineffective controls
• Breach of laws and regulation

RT 8

How To Successfully Implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Håkan Sonesson
CISO, Jönköping University (JU)
• How to successfully use a pragmatic approach to reach strategic and tactical goals in Information Security
• The importance to start with WHY, to get management attention and interest – What’s in it for me.
• Visualize and express an Information Security Plan.
• Train your users in information security – Awareness training.
• Measure and follow up Information Security – See the progress.

RT 9

Ransomware, according to the Oxford English Dictionary is: “A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.” *. Many organizations are dealing with ransomware attacks, which is part of their initial risk analysis. But what happens when this risk is not mitigated?

Elpidoforos Arapantonis
System and Cyber Security Engineer, Volvo Cars
• Readiness for a ransomware attack. Do we have what it is needed in place (infrastructures, processes etc)?
• What happens when we are becoming the victim?
• Connections between non-mitigated ransomware attacks and financial aspects.

RT 10

“The new normal” – can the corona crisis make e-commerce more sustainable?

Filip Johnssén
Senior Legal Counsel Privacy, Klarna

RT 11

How to build your organization in the new world?

Ingela Schmidt
Chief Information Security Officer, SEB Pension & Försäkring

RT 12

How To Successfully Implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Erik Blomberg
CISO, Handelsbanken
• Trust and availability – fundamental components for customer satisfaction
• Digital operational resilience – drawing attention from two perspectives, threat actors and regulatory bodies
• Cloud – opportunities and risks

RT 13

Awareness – building the motivation to invest in cybersecurity.

Eva Throne-Holst
Information Security Officer, Nordnet Bank
• Bringing down the abstraction of cybersecurity
• Aligning cybersecurity with overall business objectives
• If you can’t see it – it isn’t there; measure, monitor and report!

RT 14

The future of data transfers between EU and US

Elin Ryrfeldt
Informationssäkerhetschef (CISO), Axfood
• CJEU ruling invalidated both the EU-US Privacy Shield and Standard Contract Clauses as valid mechanisms for safeguarding personal data that is transferred from the EU to the US.
• This has implications for all organizations that in one way or another is transferring personal data to the US.
• What the CJEU ruling in the so called “Schrems II” case is all about and what you as a company need to do in order to face the new reality?

RT 15

Topic To Be Announced

Hilde Goutal Muller
Specialist director, Ministry of Transport and Communication

RT 15

Topic To Be Announced

Rune Carlsen
CISO || Security Manager KLP, KLP

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