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Most Comprehensive Cybersecurity Agenda

Nordic IT Security Summit was created to offer a niched, unique, and much-needed opportunity in order to provide a platform for the cybersecurity industry to connect and share knowledge. The most comprehensive Cybersecurity agenda for all our leading industry executives is the place for outlining their vision and sharing valuable business insights. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technology, delegates will be able to join an exhibition with leading suppliers showcasing their latest innovations connecting directly with each other in groups or 1-to-1.

Nordic IT Security has devoted the last 15 years to addressing international cybersecurity challenges and disseminating vital information and resources required to defend against constantly changing cyber threats.

Well-renowned cyber security momentum predictor and influential cyber security business forum in Scandinavia, that has served as a Nordic cybersecurity hub.

We are committed to connecting you with seasoned and knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals and laying out the journey to the forefront of cutting-edge technology that will help you be ahead of cyber threats. Our focal point is providing you with important networking opportunities that always yield fresh content on cybersecurity trends.

We had a blast yesterday at the Nordic IT security event in 🇸🇪 together with our partner #capgemini . Len Noe rocked like always with his forward looking #biohacking talk and we had great conversations. Thanks #techbook for the organization.

Femke Dullart-Tokkie

Senior Regional Marketing Manager EMEA at CyberArk

🚀 What an incredible day at Nordic IT Security it’s been! We’ve had a wonderful time meeting people and learning more about the challenges being faced in creating and scaling security cultures.


Turn on your human firewall!

All organizations face digital risks and with the rapidly changing geopolitical situation highlighting how vulnerable we are. The effectiveness of your Cyber Security program is now considered as a business advantage and we need to work together. I value the Nordic IT Security Summit as a place to share knowledge and network with my peers

Erik Tafvander

Head of Cyber Security at ATG

All businesses in the Nordic region now rank cyber security as one of their top priorities. Additionally, companies must act more quickly and shrewdly than ever before to stay safe as cyberattacks increase in sophistication, frequency, and intensity. As a result, it is increasingly crucial that businesses develop and implement effective methods to counter such risks.

The Nordic IT Security Forum addresses the most comprehensive Cybersecurity agenda and a wide variety of technology concerns from the Cyber Security spectrum and ventures beyond that, offering a broader perspective from all aspects of the business.

We offer access to exclusive and interactive keynotes, panel discussions, deep dives, and networking sessions, each covering topics including Cybersecurity Awareness, Predictive analytics and Big Data, IoT, Cyber Threats, and many more! A diverse group of experienced and engaging subject experts and industry leaders will host all these sessions.

The world of cyber threats is more dangerous than ever. Leaders in cyber security create strategies to safeguard their companies and uphold consumer trust.

Our events are remarkable opportunities to build cross-industry partnerships, benchmark digital maturity against peers, and participate in discussions that will shape the world’s cyber security landscape in the future.

Overall experience at Nordic IT security was very good with more interesting talks and keynote presentations. Exhibition partners are impressive to talk to and I got good take aways from the whole event. I appreciate the hardwork behind the scenes,

Sheela Hariharan

Diagnostic Engineer at Volvo Construction Equipment

I had a great day yesterday at the Nordic IT Security Summit in Stockholm, great to see some familiar faces and meet new people. Thanks to Nordic IT Security for putting on a great event.

Rhys Palmer

Director at Sans EMEA

Great event, I’m really pleased with the whole experience! An event like this is so much better than a digital version!

Emanuel Lipschütz

CTO and Director Cybersecurity at Conscia Sverige

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