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NOVEMBER 10 2020

The Live TV Broadcast of Scandinavia’s largest cyber security event

Meet Ishtar Touailat

…On Innovation, Leadership & Tech



• Global Woman Award 2019
• Sweden’s most powerful business woman 2019
• Future Female Leader of the Year, 2018
• Future Leader of the Year, 2018
• Sweden’s Super Talent 2017
• IT Woman of the Year, 2016
• Sweden’s Top Innovation Talent, 2015

See you November 10th!

“Nordic IT Security is a great place to meet the right people.”

Mikko Hyppönen -  Nordic IT Security Hybrid Event 2020 10 November

Mikko Hyppönen

IT Security Guru

“I come to Nordic IT Security to find out what´s happening in the world of computer security, what the newest threats are, which way we can protect ourselves and network with others.”

Cluley Graham - Nordic IT Security Hybrid Event

Graham Cluley

Award Winning Blogger

“The reason why I really enjoy to attend Nordic IT Security is because I can better educate the market on how to protect themselves against Cyber Crime and attacks.”

Jane Frankland - Nordic IT Security Hybrid Event

Jane Frankland

Award Winning Cybersecurity Entrepreneur

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What is NITS live TV broadcast?

Over the past 13 years, Nordic IT Security has become the most recognized and influential cyber security business forum in Scandinavia which goes digital this November.

NITS Live TV Broadcast was created to offer a disruptive and much-required opportunity to provide a digital platform for the cybersecurity industry to connect and share knowledge. NITS Live TV Broadcast is the digital version of NITS live event with sharp panel debates, digital round table discussions, exciting interviews with industry experts from all over the world and digital networking.

THINK! - sustainable

It´s Eco-Friendly. Backing us means leaving minimal footprints on the environment and global warming. ENOUGH SAID

THINK! - Time and cost effective

A live fair brings with it a wealth of costs. Travel and lodging costs, personnel costs and build up costs are just a few. GET AWAY FROM IT

THINK! - Global

We attract TOP speakers & visitors regardless of their geographical location. GLOBAL REACH FOR REAL


Do you want to know more?

Speakers are what makes our event stand out.

Our event brings the most innovative minds, practitioners, experts and thinkers to inspire, educate, engage and present new ground breaking ways to stay secure!

Fernando Ruiz Pérez - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2020

Fernando Ruiz Pérez

Head of Operations, European Cybercrime Centre – EUROPOL

Philipp Amann - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2020

Philipp Amann

Head of Strategy, European Cybercrime Centre – EUROPOL

Pontus Johnsson - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2020

Pontus Johnson

Professor & Director of the Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan

Rahav Shalom-Revivo - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2019

Rahav Shalom-Revivo

Fintech and Cyber Innovations ManagerIsrael Ministry Of Finance

Dana Toren - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2020

Dana Toren

Head of the Cyber Incident Handling Center, CERT-IL|Israel National Cyber Directorate

Patrick Cordner - Speaker at Nordic IT Security Hybrid Event 2020

Patrick Cordner

Head of Swedish Cybercrime CenterPolisen

Jan Olsson - Speaker at Nordic IT Security Hybrid Event 2020

Jan Olsson

Superintendent Swedish Cybercrime Center, Polismyndigheten

Tom Engly - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2020

Tom Engly

Director, Chief Security Officer, Tryg

Jamie Whitcombe -Speaker at Nordic IT Security Hybrid Event 2020

Jamie Whitcombe

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Allianz Insurance


Virtual Stages

Minutes of Digital Networking

Global Audience


An advanced digital platform provides delegates of NITS Digital Summit access to a full-on virtual event space, featuring many of the benefits of a physical conference & exhibition.

Nordic IT digital lobby


The event Lobby is the central hub which allows delegates access to the different sections of the virtual event space.

Nordic IT Digital Auditorium


The Auditorium provides delegates access to live conference sessions as well, as the possibility to watch previous sessions on demand.

Nordic IT Digital Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition allows delegates to learn more about new products and services and connect and interact live and direct with exhibitors.

Networking Lounge

A fully interactive Networking Lounge allows delegates to connect and interact directly with each other.. Set up a group or 1-to-1 chat to catch up, get acquainted or discuss business opportunities.

Product Showcase

The Product Showcase area allows delegates to get up to date and experience the latest innovative cyber security products.


Large Enterprises











IT Security Manager

Information System Security Office

Information Security Expert

Director of IT

Chief of IT Architecture

Head of Digitalization

Head of Cyber Security

Cyber Security Evangelist

Who Attends Nordic IT Security

Nordic IT Security Attendees will come for the entire IT security landscape

Businesses with an enterprise wide IT security strategy

Businesses strengthening their security infrastructure

Businesses in urgent need of modern security solutions











  • Bringing the brightest minds together from across the full complex ecosystem of Cyber, IT- and Information security.
  • Nordic IT Security ignites new ideas and inspires the audience to think differently.
  • You’ll be stimulated by innovators, stakeholders, influencers, business leaders and entrepreneurs from across the Nordics.
Networking - Nordic IT Security 2020.png


This year up to 2,000 IT professionals will join us for the Summit, for more than 600 minutes of Structured Networking Time. We’ll be joined by the CISOs of Northern Europe’s biggest companies, the most promising new startups, high profile speakers and leading journalists.

Learning Nordic IT Security 2020


We live in uncertain times both for the public and the business. At the Summit, we gather the people who are tackling the big challenges facing our community today. Our 6 stages cover topics ranging from cyber security and data science to data innovation and IT healthcare security.


The Summit is Northern Europe’s largest gathering of journalists and influencers from the leading cyber security publications of today.

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