Zero Trust In the Remote Working Era

WHITEPAPER – Understanding the benefits of a hybrid-cloud SD-WAN strategy

YOU will learn: 

Why evolving business needs to demand a new approach to secure WAN connectivity. 

Download the report from analyst firm Omida and find out why hybrid-cloud SD-WAN is revolutionizing network security. 

“Enterprises should actively conceptualize and design SD-WAN projects with hybrid-cloud SD-WAN solutions” 
– Eric Parizo, Senior Analyst

WEBINAR – Zero Trust In the Remote Working Era

YOU will learn: 

  • What Zero Trust is and how do we provision access based on identities.
  • That Zero trust is ideally delivered by elastic security in a SD-WAN architecture.
  • That MSSPs are the perfect partners to deliver Elastic Secure SD-WAN to customers and the Zero Trust philosophy.
Master Cybersecurity Knowledge Pack I

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