Account Takeover Data Findings, Popular Tools, and Prevalent Actors

Webinar Account Takeover_ Data Findings, Popular Tools, and Prevalent Actors

The average person uses some 191 services that require them to enter passwords or other credentials. That’s a lot to keep on top of, and it presents a huge problem if a compromise occurs, particularly if a person uses the same credentials across multiple services. 

More than 15 billion credentials stolen are in circulation―up 300 percent since 2018 and coming from 100,000-plus discrete breaches.

Software segmentation – cheaper, faster and better than Firewalls

Webinar Software Segmentation Guardicore

Network segmentation is a high priority for CISOs and CIOs – driven by regulations, industry standards, Zero Trust architecture and the need to reduce the attack surface of critical assets. Traditional methods of segmentation with VLANs and firewalls are slow, expensive and ineffective. Software-based segmentation solutions offer a great alternative. Join our CTO Ariel Zeitlin in our upcoming webinar where you can learn:

    • How software based approach simplifies segmentation projects
    • Compare costs and timeline of the software-based approach and traditional methods
    • Get access to tools that will help you estimate the impact of segmentation on your critical assets and how you can define the benefit specific to your own environment
    • Get access to a TCO calculator that will help you calculate the financial benefit of a software-based approach to your specific case and environment

Presenter:  Ariel Zeitlin, CTO and Co-Founder, Guardicore

Master Cybersecurity Knowledge Pack

Cloudflare - Webinar and White papper for Nordic IT Security 2020

Over the past month alone, Cloudflare has mitigated over 116 million security events targeting Northern European internet properties.

Join us in this webinar to learn from Cloudflare’s DDoS Protection Product Manager about the recent attacks, how Cloudflare’s threat intelligence directly contributed to making the internet safer, and how Cloudflare is uniquely positioned to help protect you from DDoS attacks and cyber threats.

YOU will learn:
-What is a DDoS attack
-How to stay protected in Northern Europe
-How to detect & mitigate DDoS attacks -How can you protect yourself against DDoS attacks

Zero Trust In the Remote Working Era

Clavister Zero Trust In the Remote Working Era - Webinar At Nordic IT Security Forum

Elastic security and SD-WAN are fantastic solutions but they demand one important foundation: Zero Trust Security. But what do we mean when we say zero trust security? As the internet was trust all, we realised that real security meant trusting no one… but still allowing access. Zero trust enables administrators to segment and provide services to users by categorizing based on zero trust parameters. And zero trust is provided ideally by elastic security in a SD-WAN architecture, through MSSPs to SMEs and other mid-sized businesses. And this has never been more true than in the days of hyper remote and home working. It’s no longer where you are, it’s who you are.  


Presenter: Thomas Vasen, Commercial Solutions Manager

Achieve software development velocity without compromising security and risk

Gitlab Official Partner of Nordic IT Security 2020

Everyone wants to shift security left, but how? Security scans are unwieldy and don’t fit an iterative, agile development cycle. We will step through the developers’ workflow and show exactly where application security can be embedded and automated – and best practices for optimal results. This approach will benefit developers and security pros alike. See what can be achieved with a brief demo of an actual developer pipeline then ride along for the perspective of the security team. Learn how your app sec can become iterative, automated and embedded into the automated DevOps processes.


 Presenter: Saumya Upadhyaya, Senior Product Marketing Manager at GitLab

DevOps Pipeline Scanner & Lambda Functions Packaging

Veracode - Official Partner of Nordic IT Security 2019

Veracode Static Analysis now incorporates the IDE Scan, which helps developers learn as they code and prevent new flaws, the Pipeline Scan, which provides feedback quickly so that production isn’t halted, and the Policy Scan for reporting that satisfies security and auditor requirements. 

Join us for this interactive workshop and get: 

  • An in-depth look at our new Pipeline Scan

  • Information on how Veracode Static Analysis can help you secure your code across the pipeline

  • Discussion about the value of fast security feedback in the IDE as developers code

  • Details on how Veracode Static Analysis can help you satisfy policy and reporting requirements 

  • Information on how Lambda Functions and Layers can be analyzed by Veracode Static Analysis