Expert Panel 3 – The challenge of securing Fintech, discussion continues

•Is the current model for regulation inhibiting free competition and the development of attractive financial services?
•Would a system of certifications and shared security solutions for the financial market increase both security and agility in business development?
•Are there security solutions that would provide even higher levels of security if shared between financial institutions?
•Immediate payments and how the end customers use of third party applications affects the banks work to prevent digital fraud?

Malcolm Larri

Host, NITS C-Suite Edition


Evangelos Ouzounis

Head of Policy Development and Implementation Unit at European Network Information Security Agency (ENISA)

Christer Eliasi-Swahn

CTO at DBT Capital

Eva Throne-Holst - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2019

Filip Johnssén

Data Protection Officer, Klarna

Terje Aleksander Fjeldvær

SVP – Head of Financial Cyber Crime Center (FC3) at DNB Bank