Veracode - Official Partner of Nordic IT Security 2019

Veracode envisions a world where the software fueling our economic growth and solving society’s greatest challenges is developed secure from the start. 


Working with Veracode you gain access to some of the top security experts in the industry. These experts can offer strategic advice for building a scalable program, help executing your program, and remediation coaching for when flaws are found.

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WHITEPAPERDevOps Pipeline Scanner & Lambda Functions Packaging

How are you integrating security into the development process? Are you able to test for security without slowing down the development process?

Learn about the new Static Analysis product by Veracode, which combines existing static scan types with a new Pipeline scan in an interactive workshop.

Veracode Static Analysis now incorporates the IDE Scan, which helps developers learn as they code and prevent new flaws, the Pipeline Scan, which provides feedback quickly so that production isn’t halted, and the Policy Scan for reporting that satisfies security and auditor requirements. 

Join us for this interactive workshop and get: 

  • An in-depth look at our new Pipeline Scan

  • Information on how Veracode Static Analysis can help you secure your code across the pipeline

  • Discussion about the value of fast security feedback in the IDE as developers code

  • Details on how Veracode Static Analysis can help you satisfy policy and reporting requirements 

  • Information on how Lambda Functions and Layers can be analyzed by Veracode Static Analysis

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