Intsights - Official Partner at Nordic IT Security 2021

Who We Are

We are a passionate group of human beings working together to develop the best data-security software possible to protect the world’s most sensitive data.

Businesses have many assets—customers, employees, intellectual property—but data is among the most valuable. It is analyzed to provide better services, improve outcomes, innovate products, and drive new revenue channels. Protegrity helps enterprises overcome that hurdle and engender trust with their customers by securing their sensitive data and maintaining the highest level of data privacy and compliance. Organizations can innovate and confidently pursue data-driven initiatives, knowing they’re benefitting from Protegrity’s customer-first mission of creating and delivering the most comprehensive and reliable data-security solutions available today.

Innovation is Our Heritage

Experience matters, and we have a storied history of innovation in data privacy and security. This heritage grounds us as we work with the world’s leading brands and our technology partners to consistently transform our software platform so we can provide enterprises with the latest and best data-security capabilities.

Protection for Sensitive Data

For three decades, Protegrity has delivered granular protection for the sensitive enterprise data of the largest brands on the planet. Throughout our journey, we’ve stayed apace with an ever-changing technology industry, always adapting to meet the needs of customers and partners. In that regard, Protegrity is a reimagined, innovation-driven company built atop a rock-solid foundation.

It’s a foundation centered on Protegrity securing the privacy of more than one billion individuals—an accomplishment that’s echoed in Gartner’s recognition of us as a leader in the data-centric audit and protection (DCAP) market.

We are recognized experts, creating solutions that make it easier for our customers to focus on the business, not the data, and pursue positive outcomes. We always aim to be as agile as our customers, and we “skate where the puck is going to be”—that is, we aim to be where our customers want their business and technology go.

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