IBM Official partner of Sum of all Fears Nordic IT Cyber Security

Today, organizations must adapt to a rapidly expanding and complex security landscape. Whether it’s providing customers and partners with access to certain systems and data, allowing employees to use their own devices, using applications from SaaS vendors, or taking advantage of multiple cloud providers. There is no longer a single perimeter to protect. We must drive security into the very fabric of business.

IBM offers a modern, open, zero trust approach to shield your business from uncertainty. We’re committed to helping you:

    • ALIGN security strategy to the business
    • PROTECT digital users, assets, and data
    • MANAGE defenses against growing threats
    • MODERNIZE security with an open, multi-cloud platform

We look forward to seeing you at Nordic IT Security, January 27. Let’s have a talk on how to prepare for uncertainty, so your business can thrive with certainty.