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Cyware Labs is a product-based cybersecurity provider headquartered in New York, USA. Cyware offers a full-stack of innovative cyber fusion solutions for all-source strategic, tactical, technical and operational threat intelligence sharing & threat response automation.

Cyware’s Enterprise Solutions are designed to promote secure collaboration, inculcate cyber resilience, enhance threat visibility and deliver needed control by providing organizations with automated context-rich analysis of threats for proactive response without losing the element of human judgment.

Cyware solutions are pushing the boundaries of current security paradigms by utilizing advances in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Security Automation & Orchestration technologies to empower enterprises in adapting to the evolving threat landscape. Cyware’s clients include Fortune500 financial, healthcare, energy and defense organizations, multinational retail corporations, trade associations, industry groups (including ISACs and ISAOs), non-profits and government agencies.

About Products

Cyware Situational Awareness Platform (CSAP)– A mobile-powered strategic threat intelligence & information sharing platform that enhances organizational preparedness through real-time security alerts and crisis notifications to employees based on their role, location and business alignment.

Cyware Threat Intelligence eXchange (CTIX)– A smart, client-server based Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) for intel ingestion, enrichment, and AI-based analysis which enables real-time sharing of threat indicators both internally and externally with peers, clients, and third-party suppliers within your trusted network.

Cyware Fusion and Threat Response (CFTR)– A platform for Intel & Ops teams, designed to facilitate prevention, detection, collaboration, and response to any threat including incidents, malware, vulnerabilities, threat actors, etc affecting enterprises in real-time using smart automation & cyber fusion.

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