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Acunetix was founded in 2005. At this time, many enterprises did not see the need to secure their web applications. Instead, they focused on protecting the network. Acunetix were the pioneers who realized that this is not enough because network scanners and firewalls are helpless against most web vulnerabilities. The solution was to develop an automated tool used to scan web applications to identify and resolve security issues.

Since then, Acunetix grew as both the company and the product. The vulnerability scanner was originally developed for Windows only. In 2014, Acunetix launched an online (cloud) solution, in 2018 – a Linux version, and in 2019 – Acunetix 360 for enterprises. In 2018, the company was acquired by Turn/River Capital.

Our mission is to provide you with a trustworthy web security solution that protects all your assets, aligns with all your policies, and fits perfectly into your development lifecycle. The following qualities make the Acunetix web vulnerability scanner stand out among similar offerings:

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