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Digital Risk: The C-Suite's Critical Missing Part of Overall Risk

As organizations become more interconnected to their supply chain, customers, and partners, new types of risk have emerged. Unmanaged, these can lead to the loss of sensitive corporate data, violation of privacy laws, and damaged reputations.

With security expected to enable your digital strategy, CISOs need to gain visibility beyond their traditional perimeter. In this guide, you will learn about:

  • The emergence of Digital Risk Protection
  • A framework for protecting against Digital Risks
  • Questions the C-Suite should be asking

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Micro-Segmentation Solution

As IT environments get more complex and dynamic, isolating communication flows through micro-segmentation is essential.
Micro-segmentation gives your business granular workload- based security and unparalleled process-level visibility over your operations, reducing the risk of attack and improving governance over your entire IT stack.
Micro-segmentation became essential but how to choose the right solution?

Find out in whitepaper.

Securing the Web perimeter

You will learn:

  • Insights on why popular content management systems and platforms are commonly targeted by attackers
  • Overlooked attack vectors and software engineering trends that adversely impact security postures
  •  Guidance on security frameworks that can help enterprises reduce the risk of security breaches while handling these new challenges

10 Steps Every CISO Should Take to Secure Next-Gen Software

It often feels like developers and security speak different languages – and in some ways, they do. As developers grapple with evolving technologies, tools, and frameworks, it’s important that security professionals also understand the changes taking place in the development world.

The benefits of a hybrid-cloud SD-WAN strategy

Modern remote teams are made up of many different kinds of users – including employees, contractors, and partners – collaborating in the same tools.

five best practise for mitigating ddos attacks

From Exposure to Takeover

The average person uses some 191 services that require them to enter passwords or other credentials. That’s a lot to keep on top of, and it presents a huge problem if a compromise occurs, particularly if a person uses the same credentials across multiple services. 

The benefits of a hybrid-cloud SD-WAN strategy

The consequences of the COVID-19 virus outbreak early 2020 have been severe to many businesses. Both customer and employee behaviours change, and secure connectivity become even more crucial for business continuity.

five best practise for mitigating ddos attacks

Five Best Practices for Mitigating DDoS Attacks

Download the paper “Five Best Practices for Mitigating DDoS Attacks” and see how to defend against rapidly evolving Distributed Denial-of-Service threats and address vulnerabilities at every layer.

Leveraging DNS to build reliable digital experience

The DNS infrastructure in use today was designed in the 1980s. The system’s architects were concerned about reliability and functionality, not security.

Your website is only as fast as your DNS, regardless of how the site is built or where it is hosted.


Online Retailers Guide to Higher Profitability

The checklist to make sure your online store is always fast, secure, and reliable, even during times of high customer traffic.

  • Ensure store uptime and availability 
  • Increase buyer engagement and conversions Secure customer data and transactions 
  • Reduce operational costs