What is the key to preventing a cyber attack?

The key to preventing a Cyber attack is to monitor the network to make sure not to do too much or too less and to keep track. Organizations often struggle to monitor hence it allows hackers to go under the radar and cause trouble.


Sneaky hackers are targeting public and private critical infrastructure. It could be stopped before they can affect the network if there are responsible personnel for security and have a better understanding of their own networks. 

Although it sounds like obvious advice, however in many cases, hackers and nation-state hackers have found their way into corporate networks and remained there for a long time without being detected.

They are using different campaigns which involve intrusions into these critical infrastructures where cyber criminals could manage to cause damage which could lead to serious consequences.

However, hackers are able to get into such networks because defenders often don’t have a full grasp of what they’re managing.

We often misunderstand attacks. It does not take place at lightning speed. To hold a strong position and then damage the network takes time.

“Defence can work if we detect it on time. If we can constantly look into our systems then we can identify them and defend against the attack before it could cause any damage.

Knowing what is your system has become more crucial than defending the network because once we know what’s in there we can take necessary measures.

Organizations are saying that they need to be proactively testing so that they can increase their capability to go in with that confidence so that before there’s a breach, they at least have a basic understanding of this environment. Because when organizations go in completely blind, it takes a lot longer than usual and sometimes they are not aware of what has actually happened.

If organizations try to think like hackers about the network and how an attacker could exploit it, security experts could uncover unexpected means that hackers could use to exploit the network.

According to experts, by examining the network like this, the organization’s control systems team can understand the requirements the network needs to ensure security and by doing this, responsible personnel for critical infrastructure can help everyone by detailing what they find to the government.

It is very important to understand that liability for security shouldn’t just be dependent on infrastructure providers but the companies that build the specialist systems and connected parts used in these environments should also hold some responsibility if they’re found to be inherently insecure or vulnerable to cyber criminals.

Identifying the criteria for data protection activity can save us from future attacks from cybercriminals. Yes we know how to deal with cyber attack however if it is not detected at an early stage then the damage can be done and it wouldn’t really matter. 

Saif Ahmed Bhuiyan

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