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The consequences of the COVID-19 virus outbreak early 2020 have been severe to many businesses. Both customer and employee behaviours change, and secure connectivity become even more crucial for business continuity. Having employees working from home at the same time as cybercriminals try to exploit the situation has increased the need for improved cybersecurity.

In the past companies rented private leased lines or used MPLS solutions to connect their sites and offices. However, these solutions proved to be limiting and costly. They often came with a lock-in to a single internet service provider (ISP). Requirements for flexibility and reduced costs have resulted in the usage of virtual private networking (VPN) setup over common internet connections on each site.

Trends such as Cloud, increased use of bandwidth intense applications, increased number of distributed offices and remote workers have introduced packaged solutions called Software Defined—Wide Area Networks—or SD-WAN.

In this paper, we’ll discuss enabling technologies, products and use cases that comprise a full Elastic Secure SD-WAN solution. However, the goal is clear, it’s all about securing business continuity and reducing cost.

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