Software segmentation – cheaper, faster and better than Firewalls 


Network segmentation is a high priority for CISOs and CIOs – driven by regulations, industry standards, Zero Trust architecture and the need to reduce the attack surface of critical assets. Traditional methods of segmentation with VLANs and firewalls are slow, expensive and ineffective. Software-based segmentation solutions offer a great alternative. Join our CTO Ariel Zeitlin in our upcoming webinar where you can learn:


    • How software based approach simplifies segmentation projects
    • Compare costs and timeline of the software-based approach and traditional methods
    • Get access to tools that will help you estimate the impact of segmentation on your critical assets and how you can define the benefit specific to your own environment
    • Get access to a TCO calculator that will help you calculate the financial benefit of a software-based approach to your specific case and environment

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