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Demand for cybersecurity workers reaches all-time high!

The cyber security industry is experiencing a massive need for skilled professionals and the competition for talent is absolutely fierce.

Columnist Anna Kranj | Nordic IT Security, June 3, 2021

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You have probably heard of the cyber attack which happened earlier this month, when a hacking group took over the computer systems of one of the US largest infrastructures – Colonial Pipeline. The cyber crime spree wreaked havoc all over the globe recently, the latest victim being JBS USA, world’s largest meat supplier.

The need for IT talent has spread to other industries and top-shelf professionals often receive multiple job offers from non-tech companies. As per experts – there are approximately three million cybersecurity positions in the world that remain open and over 56% of IT professionals say that staff shortages are placing their organizations at moderate or extreme risk.

IT is by far the fastest-growing industry in the world, with a huge impact on our everyday lives through different trends and apps. During the pandemic, the whole world witnessed a shift to remote work which led to cloud storage of data and documents. Furthermore, this means that more files were shared online and potentially targeted by cyber criminals.

Cyber security experts are more important than ever to keep our personal and business information safe, no doubt about it, but the question is if there is enough of them.

In order to stay relevant and employable for the IT market, potential cyber security professionals will need to continuously acquire additional knowledge regarding the IT industry. What does this mean exactly?

1. Employees will have to develop special skills when it comes to keeping the IT systems safe and secure, to prevent breaching,

2. Cyber threats are adapting fast to remote work, thus businesses are now prioritizing security, which for future IT professionals means that they have to be trained in baseline cybersecurity,

3. They should always keep up with the newest trends in IT business, rising on a monthly basis

We don’t see the competition easing up anytime soon and believe the war for top talent will continue across the entire cyber security universe.

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