The sum of all fears

This community event is capped at 150 live and 300 online participants.

27 January 2022

Sum of all fears edition

27th January, 2022




Networking Village + (1-1) Meetings


In Conversation With 1 - The Insider Threat: The known attacking from the unknown

  • How does insider threats work? If these are not identified in good time, what will be the consequences?
  • There are many motivators for insider threats e.g: sabotage, fraud, espionage, reputation damage or professional gain, what do you think is the greatest motivator for the e-commerce industry?
  • What is your take on the different types of threats for example Compromised users, Malicious users or Careless users?


Expert Panel 1 - Evolution of Ransomware, the Journey from being the monkey to the Human!

  • Commodity ransomware
  • Human-Operated Ransomware
  • Ransomware Brands
  • Preventing Ransomware Attacks


Keynote 1 - To Be Announced

  • To Be Announced


Exclusive Toolkit to keep you secure in 2022 and beyond


Keynote 2


Expert Panel 2 - Zero day vulnerability exploits within the Fintech industry!

  • We all know the vulnerability management market is growing rapidly, is it good news or bad news?
  • Prediction is the way to nullify the zero day threats! If these threats are not addressed and mitigated, what is expected?
Eva Throne-Holst - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2019

Clay Lin (TBD)

Chief IT Risk and Security Officer, World Bank
Eva Throne-Holst - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2019

Jonas Gavelin

CIO, Bankgirot


Expert Panel 3 - What are the consequences of SQL injection?

  • What is the best defense from your perspective?
  • What can SQL Injection do?
  • Add, modify and delete data, corrupting the database, and making the application unusable, what does that to an organisation?
Eva Throne-Holst - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2019

Deepa Ramadoss (TBD)

CISSP, CISM, Head of Security Risk Management at TalkTalk

Eva Throne-Holst - Speaker at Nordic IT Security 2019

To Be Decided

TBA, Imperva


Networking Village + (1-1) Meetings


Cryptojacking! - In Conversation With

  • How does cryptojacking work?
  • Attackers hurting where it hurts the most for an organisation, their customers! How do you suggest preventing this?

Jason Lau



Expert Panel 4 - Fake news creating real trouble! Social Media Disinformation and Spoof Accounts

As we know every business and organisation has increased the use of social media activity tremendously, especially during this pandemic hence attackers taking the opportunity to cause damage to the organisations.

  • How to analys, predict and take effective action in order to put a stop to these attacks?
  • Who is responsible for the security? Cyber security team, IT team or organisation as a whole?


Expert Panel 5 - The rise in cyber risks in the new hybrid work environment

  • Discovery of hybrid working environments! With increased cybersecurity risks for organizations it is vital to understand how we can prevent those threats?
  • Pros and cons of hybrid work environment
  • What does the future look like?


Keynote 3 - To Be Announced

To Be Announced


Summary/Networking Village + (1-1) Meetings


Expert Panel 6 - To Be Announced

To Be Announced


Keynote 4 - To Be Announced

To Be Announced


Summary/Networking Village + (1-1) Meetings

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