About Nordic IT Security

About the conference

Nordic IT Security cyber security forum has been around for 15 years now, acting as a steering wheel for navigation through Nordic’s “cybersecurity watch-out” scheme, with its notable speakers and partners. The conference provides a platform for seasoned industry professionals to come together and discuss topics covering cutting-edge technology, designed to secure all the aspects of the 21st century’s online global community. Our research has shown that a great majority of businesses and companies across all industries are likely experiencing the same or similar pain points, so let’s all come together on May 12th in Stockholm and discuss the root causes of these pain points and find the solutions.

About the company

Nordic IT Security Forum has been a trustworthy brand in the cyber security world and the business world generally for over 15 years. A well renowned cyber security momentum predictor and influential cyber security business forum in  Scandinavia, that has served as a Nordic’s cybersecurity hub. 

We are committed to connecting you with the seasoned and knowledgeable professionals in the cybersecurity world and to laying out the journey to the forefront of cutting-edge technology that will help you be ahead of cyber threats. Providing you with the important networking opportunities that always yield fresh content of cybersecurity trends is our focal point.