Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center
May 23, 2024

In just one day, you’ll learn what you need to stay ahead of tomorrow’s cybercrime.

What is
Nordic IT Security?

Nordic IT Security cyber security forum has been around for 15 years now, acting as a steering wheel for navigation through the Nordic’s “cybersecurity watch-out” scheme, with its notable speakers and partners. Conference provides a platform for seasoned industry professionals to come together and discuss topics covering cutting-edge technology, designed to secure all the aspects of the 21st century’s online global community.

Our research has shown that a great majority of businesses and companies across all industries are likely experiencing the same or similar pain points, so let’s all come together on May 25th in Stockholm and discuss the root causes of these pain points and find solutions.

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How it was in May 2023?
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Corey Blatchford

"Ready to dive deep into the world of cybersecurity and connect with industry experts, big thanks to Nordic IT Security for organising, and for providing a platform that fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration."

Dana Toren

Director, Head of National Incident Management Center
Israel National Cyber Directorate
"This is the second time I am participating in the annual conference of the Nordic IT Security and it is a great honor for me. This time I spoke about risk management in the cyber era, and participated in a panel about phishing attacks. Two topics that can be talked about for days. I would like to thank to the champ organizers. It was a professional conference with professionals speakers, and it is amazing to see how you thought of everything and managed to combine work and pleasure."

Julian Totzek-Hallhuber

"Great to see many people interested in how Veracode helps to secure your SDLC. Thanks for having us Nordic IT Security, it’s a great show!"

Isabella Södergren

"Thank you Nordic IT Security and Saif Ahmed Bhuiyan and team for an amazing hackaton yesterday. We participated with our Newbie team from Women in Security - Stockholm/Sweden. The hackaton team was great , made sure everybody had a good time and we did learn many new things."

Daniel Blackwell

"Wrapping up a brilliant day here in Stockholm at the Nordic IT Security event. What was super interesting was the amount of different use case conversations we had..."

Swantje Westpfahl

Director," Institute for Security and Safety GmbH at the UAS Mannheim"
"Coming back from the Nordic IT Security #conference in beautiful and sunny Stockholm 🇸🇪 where I was invited as a keynote speaker. It was the first time I experimented with 🎶 singing 🎶 on stage for a talk (no one threw tomatoes at me so I guess it went okay 😄)"
", a leading cybersecurity vendor, is thrilled to showcase its cutting-edge XDR platform in Sweden at Nordic IT Security , the best cybersecurity event in Nordics! With our unique approach that prioritizes interoperability, we integrate all our customers' cyber solutions into our XDR platform, a single control tower."

Elnaz Tadayon

Cybersecurity evangelist
"What an incredible day it was! Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the prestigious 16th Nordic IT Security Summit as an expert speaker in a captivating panel discussion centered around cloud security and generative AI."

Emma Nilsson

System developer with interest in cyber security and AI
"I had an amazing opportunity yesterday when I attended the Nordic IT Security conference. I took away a lot from the conference and feel grateful to Precise Biometrics that they're empowering me as a young professional to learn and grow by having given me the opportunity to attend."

Raed Figueroa

Senior IT Analyst
"Congratulations to Nordic IT Security for its successful 16th Annual Conference today in Stockholm, Sweden. It is an honor to be invited, considering I am new to the world of IT Security. I learned so much and met so many IT Security professionals, both C-levels and Experts. Thank you! 🫰🏼"

Elin Ryrfeldt

CISO, Axfood
"Today I was invited to share my thoughts on third party risks and cyber security at the Nordic IT Security. Great discussions with my fellow panelists Aicha Kermoury Bish, CISM, MSc, Eva Throne-Holst and Sélim HOUFANI, nicely moderated by Brían O'Brolchain. One of our conclusions was that we need to establish trust throughout the supply chain and that requires both assurance, trust and partnership."
"We had an absolutely fantastic time at Nordic IT Security in #Stockholm yesterday! 🎉 It was a pleasure connecting with industry professionals and sharing all things about #securecoding."

Erik van Woerkens

Executive advisor cybersecurity
"Thank you for having me Nordic IT Security, I enjoyed it to be a member of the specialists discussion panel about IoB (Internet of Behavior)"

Sofie Sundåker

"First time attendee at the Nordic IT Security conference that was held last Thursday. They had gathered great speakers and the talk about security culture and awareness was everywhere. Learnt a lot and we are on the right track. I hope this event brings more fun and better relationships between sec and "the rest of the business" across organisations and that those with the money also got more inspired to invest more in security."

Rohan Karat

"Great first trip to Sweden! ❤️🇸🇪...(Check out my rather cool Bruce Lee tie 🥋😜) Brían O'Brolchain, Michelle Bentley and I had a productive time at the Nordics IT event at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm yesterday. 🥳😎 Fantastic conversations, lovely people and overall top networking!"

Paul Newton

"Nordic IT have nailed it yet again! 3 separate rooms with amazing speakers throughout the day! Great conversations in the exhibition areas and some very intense meetings in the break out areas - and I haven’t even mentioned the live hacking competition going on right now!"

Elpidoforos Arapantonis

Senior IT Security Officer
Volvo Autonomous Solutions
"Another successful Nordic IT Security came to an end. It was a day full of very interesting presentations, live hacking and hackathon events! Our contribution was a fruitful panel discussion on Cybersecurity and its Societal Aspects. "

Bas van Erik

"Back in Amsterdam after a great day at Nordic IT Security. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce SoSafe and to speak about the latest trends in cybercrime."

Jari Rasinen

Product Security Manager
"I had this week visit at Nordic IT Security. It was delightful to see that security awareness, culture and skills seemed to be one of the topics on top. Not to forget all the discussions with vendors and PEOPLE outside the keynote rooms! At least I feel much richer being able to talk with the security peers. In some sense, security conferences are like AA meetings when people drop their titles, and openly discuss about the things that matter the most to use at the moment. As a bonus, I also learned about UN 155 which is about cyber security requirements for automotive."

M. Shahmee Amir

"The Nordic IT Security Conference A Memorable event which brought together amazing people and those people turned into friends. Thank you to the entire organizing team for making me a part of it especially Saif Ahmed Bhuiyan Lidija S. Cvetkovic and Goran G. Kandic. It was an honor to be speaking at a Conference known to host Mikko Hypponen Jane Frankland."

Eva-Kristin Wildeke

"So honored to have gotten the opportunity to attend a workshop with Brett Johnson today att Nordic IT Security conference. Discussing the importance of multi-layered defence as well as 3rd party vetting and awareness."

James Brown

"Another successful Nordic IT Security conference in Stockholm for the Snyk Nordics team! 🇸🇪 Thank you again for having us, great conversations and great venue, and good things to come! 💪"

Yuliia Bahlai

Cyber Security Analyst
"It was so nice to be a part of #nordicitsecurity this year! Big thanks to everyone who was there today!🙂"

Dado Dizdar

"Thank you for having us Nordic IT Security Great to speak about the importance of #SecurityAwareness #Humanfirewall #KnowBe4 #ITSecurity Thank you for the professional organization Goran G. Kandic"

Navaz Sumar

Chief Information Security Officer
TF Bank AB
"Had a fantastic time at the Nordic IT Security event today, where we discussed the topic of developing cyber security management by learning from others. Huge thanks to all the fantastic speakers who were willing to share their insights and experiences. The presentation was outstanding, providing valuable insights into leveraging past experiences to prepare for future challenges."

Peter Streng

"I went to the recent Nordic IT Security Forum in Stockholm. Some presentations stood out, such as Brett Johnson’s talk, who has an impressive speaking skill and a remarkable “career”. David Jacoby’s live-cracking demonstration was also brilliant and informative."

Jan Olsson

Crime Inspector
Swedish Cybercrime Center
"More people appearing at the Nordic IT Security fair today, I myself discussed cloud services while David hacked most of what he saw 🙂 Very interesting to take part in to say the least, you would have to clone yourself though. See you there ! #SC3 #Cybercrime #Itbrott #NordicItSecurity"

“I come to Nordic IT Security to find out what´s happening in the world of computer security, what the newest threats are, which way we can protect ourselves and network with others.”

Graham Cluley

Award Winning Blogger

“Nordic IT Security is a great place to meet the right people.”

Mikko Hyppönen

IT Security Guru

“The reason why I really enjoy to attend Nordic IT Security is because I can better educate the market on how to protect themselves against Cyber Crime and attacks.”

Jane Frankland

Award Winning Cybersecurity Entrepreneur

Hottest topics of our agenda

Awareness done right

Cybersecurity and its Societal Aspects

Trick or tracked? Geo targeted phishing attack!

We have intruders!
How do we protect ourselves?

Demystifying the
MacOS attack chain

Cybersecurity awareness- Building the bridge between the security folks and the rest of the organisation!

DDoS and You - Understanding attacker capabilities and motivations

Developing Cyber security management by learning from others – from hard lessons to preparing for what is around the corner

  • Awareness done right
  • Cybersecurity and its Societal Aspects
  • We have intruders! How do we protect ourselves?
  • Demystifying the MacOS attack chain
  • Trick or tracked? Geo targeted phishing attack!
  • DDoS and You - Understanding attacker capabilities and motivations
  • Developing Cyber security management by learning from others – from hard lessons to preparing for what is around the corner
  • Cybersecurity awareness- Building the bridge between the security folks and the rest of the organisation!

Speakers - May 25, 2023 Conference

Brett Johnson

Former US Most Wanted Cybercriminal
Former United States Most Wanted, Brett Johnson, referred to by the United States Secret Service as “The Original Internet Godfather”, has been a central figure in the cybercrime world for over 20 years. Mr. Johnson built and was the leader of ShadowCrew, the precursor to today’s darknet markets. He was instrumental in developing many areas of online fraud while helping design, implement, and refine modern Identity Theft, Account Take Over Fraud, Card Not Present Fraud, IRS Tax Fraud, and countless other social engineering attacks, breaches, and hacking operations.

David Jacoby

Ethical Hacker
David Jacoby is one of Sweden's most boldest hackers and IT security experts. He has over 25 years of experience in professional hacking and has won several awards both as a speaker and for his unique research and dedicated work to stop digital crime. In addition to his own research, he was one of the main hackers in HACKAD_ a Swedish TV show named "HACKAD_" where David and three colleagues have hacked Swedish companies live on the TV screen to show the complexity and necessity in issues such as IT security.

Elliott Peterson

Elliott Peterson is a Special Agent assigned to the FBI’s Anchorage Field Office. A member of Anchorage’s Computer Intrusion Squad, he is responsible for investigating complex botnets, high dollar account takeover fraud, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks. As a special agent in the FBI’s Anchorage, Peterson and his teammates are among those at the forefront of the US government’s dogged battle against criminals in cyberspace. Heavily outnumbered and outpaced by their targets, small FBI cybersquads like the one in Anchorage have been quietly notching up major wins against online criminals operating out of home and abroad in recent years.

Georgios Kryparos

CISO, Einride

Elpidoforos Arapantonis

Senior IT SecuritY Officer, Volvo Autonomous Solution

Dan Cimpean

Director, Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate

Thea Sogenbits

Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Large Enterprises


  • CISO
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • CPT
  • CPO
  • DPO



  • IT Security Manager
  • Information System Security Office
  • Information Security Expert
  • Director of IT



  • Chief of IT Architecture
  • Head of Digitalization
  • Head of Cyber Security
  • Cyber Security Evangelist

Partners - May 25, 2023 conference

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